Found Property

Items found should be delivered to the Foxborough Police Department.

Unclaimed items will be held for at least 1 year, after which time items may be given to finder, destroyed or will be delivered to Property Room.Com, Inc. and sold by internet auction posted on

Please review the files below to identify your property. You will need to provide proof of ownership to make a claim.

If you believe an item may belong to you please contact the Foxborough Police Department by email at [email protected]

Foxborough Police Department Notice of Sale:

Per Massachusetts General Law, unclaimed and abandoned property listed below will be destroyed or sold by online auction using the online police auction website, beginning on or after December 20, 2021.  Items auctioned are under the terms and conditions of the auction site and are sold in as-is condition and are in no way guaranteed or under warranty by the Foxborough Police Department or the Town of Foxborough.

If you believe any of this property being held by the Foxborough Police Department is yours, please contact Ptl James Cannata by email.  Please put the Property number in the subject line, and provide as much information as you can about the item. Also include your contact information in email. Proof of ownership will be required.

[email protected]