Posted on 03/16/2020


Effective today, access to the public safety building will be restricted to employees or to those reporting a crime.  This is in direct response to Governor Baker declaring a State of Emergency in Massachusetts to support the Commonwealth’s response to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

We are happy to come to you, if you need police, fire, or EMS services please call 911. For general business please call the non-emergency lines. Please call rather than come to the station. If you have no alternative and come to the station there is a phone inside the first set of lobby doors that will ring into the desk officer, however the lobby area is closed. Also access to the McGinty room is limited only to Public Safety Personnel; all other use of the room is temporarily suspended. These are temporary measures and we will notify you when the restrictions are lifted.

License to carry applications are available on the FRB website or at this link:  Please email completed applications to [email protected] or mail them in.  You will be contacted when we are able to resume in person appointments.

Thank you,

Michael Grace

Chief of Police